Friday, November 13, 2009

The Auditor's Guide to Crime

Bad: Walking out of a $50 tab from our restaurant.

Awesome: Leaving your lap top and all your research in your rush to dash.

Don't worry though. One guy came back drunk at 1AM trying to get into our closed restaurant. He wasn't happy when I said I had no access after hours, but a manager would be in at 7 sharp to help him get it back. I didn't say anything about the skipped bill so he didn't mind giving me his name and contact information.

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The Auditor said...

Restaurant Manager: Yeah, we have your lap top locked up in the office. Why didn't you pay your tab?

Dasher: We did.

RM: No you didn't.

D: Yes we did.

RM: No, you didn't.

D: Well, I paid my half. My associate must not have paid.

RM: Sir, would you like to pay the bill now.

D: Ok.

RM: Here's your lap top.