Friday, June 10, 2011

Goodbye? Hello?

Good news for me and maybe just plain old news to you, but they have hired someone to take over my midnight shifts per my request. I will still be working at the hotel, just days now and occasionally covering the audit shifts for vacations and call offs. I will miss some things and more that I wont, but I am going to become more of a day walker in a couple weeks. Nights have been sometimes interesting, sometimes funny, and surprisingly never lonely for me, but it's time I try to become more like a normal person again who sets his alarm for 8:30 AM as opposed to PM. It was more fun when I was single and in my early twenties, but it's very easy to get stuck doing nights when it gets into your routine. Girlfriend will be much happier too, but she is going to have to find some other alarm system other than "wake me up when you get home." So, I am happy.

But the most important question is obviously what is going to happen to this blog? I am not really sure. I can keep it going by telling all the stories I was too lazy to write before and telling new day time stories. I can start a new blog that tells some of my hotel stories, but also more about my life in Chicago and other slightly more personal things. My friend Mark says I should twitter, which I refuse to say out loud, but it might be a good idea. You may have noticed that a lot of my newer posts have been brief. I kind of like them that way because I think words are a lot funnier when they are more thought out and concise than a word spewing stream of consciousness like I am doing right now, so the twitter thing might fit. Or maybe I can open up this blog to other night folk so you can read their stories. The fate of this blog is still to be discovered and I am open to any other ideas. Either way, even when I am not actively posting, it has made me happy to know that people are actually reading my stories and baffled as to why I have a decent following in Iceland. So thank you and I like you all very much.

In a weird bit of timing a friend of a friend who is a fellow Chicagoan has started a night audit blog from her hotel and asked if I want to collaborate. Her blog is called Tales from the Night Shift which is a much better name than Graveyard Shift Chicago, but we wont hold that against her. One of her posts is about poop, so I think my readers will adapt just fine to her stories.

So I guess that's it for now. Please feel free to email me at or continue commenting on here whether I keep posting or not. Thanks again, everybody. I am sure I will see you around on the internet in one way or another soon.

So, yeah. Goodnight!

Friday, June 3, 2011

War Criminal

Some days I seem to have an accent. Tonight some guests from Italy insisted that I was from England. At other times I have been Australian or from southern USA. Born and raised in Chicago, I swear. I just mumble sometimes.

The same Italian guest compared me to a war criminal because I had to hold a deposit on his debit card for incidentals. I found this much more offensive than when people think I am from Australia.