Friday, July 24, 2009

Crime, Books, and Videotape

I have just read a comment on my last post from my most loyal reader, Anonymous, possibly hinting that I may not have been posting due to this article. Sorry dear readers, that's not me. I would never have my mugshot taken in front of a pink background. Would be funny if it were, though. I'm afraid I've been a bad updating auditor due to a more nefarious reason. After that stupid Conflicker virus scare, my hotel has seriously upped it's web browsing security by blocking such evil networking sites such as myspace, facebook, and So not only am I unable to download over-hyped malicious nerd viruses onto my work's network, I am unable to view this blog much less update it from there. Ah well. Since I have done most of my writing here on impulse at 4am during my shift, I have been neglecting my plan of emailing myself some posts and pasting them from home. But I will be better now, I promise.

Along with the internet changes, they have also changed the lobby music to a more summery theme. Surprisingly, all of these summery songs are about cities other than Chicago. I am lucky that I work at a job that streams music that plays a third of which I would listen to on my own time. This is the only job I've had which they play an occasional Social Distortion song and when alone at the desk I can have my own private Al Green groove session. But I don't know about the new mix. We got at least three Beach Boys songs on rotation, which is ok. Next we have Summertime by Will Smith. Sure, why not. But the most often played song is All I Wanna Do by Sheryl Crow. Now, I can stand a Sheryl Crow song once every four years, but they play that song about once an hour. That adds up during a forty hour work week. I'm sure you understand and deeply sympathize.

But not all has been bad. I have recently met my favorite convention that comes to Chicago and am saddened that they only come once every four years. The American Association of School Librarians have recently departed and I will miss them very much. Women of all ages and a couple dudes (husbands) have come to the desk asking questions ranging from opera tickets to what channel the UFC fight is on. They were all super smart, witty, and they read and followed every rule we have. My favorite pair of couples had a woman in their group who reads a book a day and would tell you four to five other obscure authors you might enjoy based on what book you have been currently reading. She picked up and left me a couple books based on what she thought I would enjoy, one being about a vampire detective in New York. Some people just know me. The books alone was one of the best tips I have ever received, but later her husband came down with a paper bag stating that they had some leftovers and I was free to have them if I wanted. Often, guests will offer some left over Chicago Deep Dish Pizza(tm), but they gave me a six pack of Trader Joe's beer. Books? And beer? Only two of my top five favorite things in the world! Come back the American Association of School Librarians, I miss you already.

Since I have been lacking in my posts, I'll add a brief story. When checking up on upcoming arrivals, I found a reservation for a room with two queen sized beds that had the following added on note from the reservationist; "The guest stated that they would be having 14 people in the room to film an adult film." Whether management approves or not, we have had a couple of "exotic" people stay here who have used our rooms for such creative purposes, but in only unimpressive numbers like two or three. I figured it best to send my supervisor a warning email warning of this possible art making, but noted that it was probably a joke being that the reservation was under the name Yao Ming, the seven foot six Chinese Houston Rockets NBA player. For better or worse, the reservation ended up being a no show. I am torn as to if this was my preferred outcome.

I have also grown a beard.


poindexter said...

Dear sir,

I believe it possible with modern internet technology to email blog posts directly to blogger. No need for the copy/paste gambit that you're currently suffering through.

Good day!

The Auditor said...

My my, you seem like you are good with the aols, Mr. Poindexter. You seem likely to be one of those Conflicker elite haxors. I am calling the interweb police.

poindexter said...

Sir! You have SLAMMED Me! I shall not commit trespass on these interwebs again!


Dan Telfer said...

You should get one of those Livejournals.

Anonymous said...

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Michael Kiser said...

Maybe you should consider using Posterous ( ) to email your posts directly to your blog. It'll update automatically and you can resume your impromptu 4am writing schedule.

Anonymous said...

thanks for the interesting information