Saturday, July 12, 2014


Oh hi.  I guess it's been awhile. 

Quick updates.  Got married to girlfriend (is she my ex girlfriend now?) last September.  The ceremony and reception were actually at the hotel.  It was very pretty and I will never have to talk about center pieces again.  My sister also got married this past May.  The Auditor family has grown from very small to, well, a lot more than the four of us.  Also, it looks like I might transform into an uncle tomorrow.  So, yeah.  Family! 

I have also moved from the North side of Chicago to the South.  My permanent roommate and I live in Hyde Park now which means we are still surrounded by college kids, but we are the more rowdy ones this time. We like the neighborhood, have found the Hyde Park bar (singular), and our commutes are much better.  The later is the main reason for the move. 

So why post after so long?  Today is my last day at the hotel.  I will still be working for the company, but I'll be off operations.  I started a few days ago and am working one last Saturday shift as a favor.  I've changed into a nine to five, Monday through Friday guy.  I have worked many different hours and positions, but never consistent normal human person hours before.  It's strange.  For example, I went to a bar after work yesterday with some new coworkers.  And it was Friday.  And it was daylight.  And my shirt was tucked in.  These are new and potentially scary circumstances for a service industry worker.  Going out on a Friday as opposed to a Tuesday?  Who am I?  I also say good morning now, I am not on my feet all day (desk!), and I can make plans on weekends and holidays.  Consistently.  If you don't work industry, you probably take this for granted.  My wife won't have to explain to her family why I won't be there for Thanksgiving.  Amazing.  I am excited, but I am going to have a hard time not seeing some of my favorite people in the world everyday.  Seriously.  I may have to fight off the lone manly tear from crawling down my cheek at the end of my shift today.

What does this mean for this mean for the kind and attractive readers of this blog?  Well, this is my first update in years, so probably not much.  I do want to thank you all.   I checked the view numbers for this blog first time today and I had 12.333 views last month!  That is just under a third of my all time views.  Wow.  I guess the saying is right, neglect makes the heart grow fonder.  Or something like that.  And thank you for the emails.  I like the emails.  Send me more. 

Still not sure what form my web presence will take next.   Maybe I'll start  "NormalHumanPersonShift Chicago".

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