Monday, November 15, 2010

I Know What You Did Last Night Yet Again

Time once again for one of my favorite games.

What made me think you were going to bring an
escort up to the room, yet again:
  1. You were a walk-in. I covered this one before.
  2. You and some other dude brought in two girls at 3:30am, but they had to leave after you caused too many noise complaints and I told you that one more would result in you being put out in the street.
  3. You were wasted and frustrated that your new girlfriends had to leave. The fact that they both left with the other dude probably didn't help.
  4. At 4am you asked where the cash machine is. I can think of two reasons why you would need cash at 4am while staying in a hotel. One is that you need money for a cab, but you weren't going anywhere. Two is that you wanted to order in and we all know you dont have to pay for pizza with cash.
  5. A blond woman without a coat and high heeled boots (see the before link) came in 5:30am and went up to your floor while barely acknowledging me.
  6. She left exactly at 6am, outlasting my estimated usual time by ten minutes.


R said...

2010 has been slow for Graveyard Shift Chicago. Will we at least make it to 12 posts for the year?

The Auditor said...

That sounds fair, R. I appreciate the readership. I'll try to step up my game.

Anonymous said...

hello, what's new, what's up?

The Auditor said...

Hi! Not much. How are you?