Saturday, November 1, 2008

Halloween Special

Last night was the night to scare away the evil demons by dressing up as ghosts, goblins, this years pop culture icons, and slutty school girls (also see slutty french maids/cops/pirates/meter maids/support technicians/night auditors/sumo wrestlers/insurance adjusters/etc). Right next to New Years Eve, St. Patrick's Day, and Election Night, Halloween is one of the biggest amateur nights when it comes to excessive drinking. And I got to work it!

As you may have picked up, I long for nice quiet evenings with happy guests and early bedtimes. This seemed not to be the case. After riding the bus downtown with all the drunken costumed revelers (surprisingly, with only two Dark Knight Jokers) I was getting a taste of what to expect. And guess what. Nothing. Dull. Quiet. Boring.

As I removed all the fiberglass cobwebs and clingy plastic spiders, I found that I was empty inside. Maybe I need my drinkers to make my shift go by. This should have been a big blog night, but my boozers have abandoned me. What did I do wrong? My rates were fairly cheap. And I would have listened to you rant about why it's stupid that we don't serve burgers at night. Was it me? You staying at another hotel, aren't you? Well, fine. If you think I can't find another guest to demand that I go across the street to pick up a twelve pack of Heineken at 4:30 in the morning, you're wrong. Dead wrong.

But seriously, come back. I'm bored.

I did have one couple come in late at night dressed like Gomez and Morticia Addams carrying gifts. They had just gotten married at a costume requested wedding and everyone showed dressed up. That's pretty neat.

Oh, and one guy was dressed as a giant chicken. Not slutty.

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